About us


Didier Marien antique dealer since 1987, is an expert and member of the European Chamber of Expert-Conseil in Works of Art (CECOA).

In 1995 he bought the Boccara gallery, and developed it in differents paths, in particular by providing a collection of modern tapestry and developing a line of contemporary silk rugs.

In 2000 he created Boccara Design and developed a line of  artists’ rugs. Since then he has opened galleries in major art capitals such as New York, Moscow, London and Paris.

Today he is recognized as one of the best experts and merchants of tapestries and high-end silk rugs. He is the owner of one of the largest collection of antique and modern tapestries and high end silk rugs.

Didier Marien has developed an innovative concept merging pieces of antiques and contemporary art.
The “Boccara Design Silk” collection is recognized as avant-garde and attracted the interest of many collectors and decorators worldwide.

Another department has complemented its textile collections: the department of bronze sculpture.Today sculpture has become an important department for Boccara gallery.

These various collections reflect a world of elegance and refinement that will fit perfectly in our contemporary interiors.