Antique Tapestries

Didier Marien created this collection over the years. It reflects his taste for this centuries-long art.

 Tapestries have always played an important role, reflecting the elegance, knowledge and power of the owner.

 Today tapestries have more a decorative and historic value. A tapestry creates an atmosphere that no other objects are able to provide.

 This collection is a selection of the most original and rarest pieces, having survived for centuries without suffering the ravages of time.

We guarantee these works for a period of ten years and we issue a certificate of authenticity with each piece.

Modern Tapestries

Boccara has been an important specialist for modern tapestries and it has a comprehensive collection includes many important  modern tapestries from the revival period of tapestry-making heritage in France

In the 1930s, the tapestry has been revived, particularly under the leadership of Jean Lurçat in Aubusson. He recreated a school of tapestry which has been followed by several artists.

Today, modern tapestries of the twentieth century are highly sought by international collectors.

Didier Marien created this collection for the last fifteen years and constantly enriched it with new acquisitions. All items have a major interest in the history of art, such as the tapestries of Sonia Delaunay, Jean Lurçat, Mathieu Matégot, Kandinsky, Émile Gilioli, Jean Cocteau, Le Corbusier, Alexander Calder, etc.

These works of art are a significant part of contemporary decor and add a touch of modernity to your home.

Edition Tapestries

Boccara gallery houses one of the largest collection of tapestries and rugs.
Didier Marien wished to enrich this set by creating Edition tapestries with some artists of the XXth century he appreciates.

Edition tapestries are made in partnership with artists or their representing foundations. Boccara’s edition tapestries are all hand made in a beautiful quality. Using traditional weaving techniques in hand, the tapestry are in the highest quality and a unique aesthetic.

Albert Gleizes is the actual artist chosen by Boccara for our nowadays edition tapestries.