Wool Rugs


The Boccara Gallery has an important collection of hand-woven wool Modern Rugs.

Starting from the traditional and prestigious wool rugs as they were created in the nineteenth century, and respecting the quality of traditional hand weaving, Didier Marien made them evolve in a new path parallel to modern art history.

It is also possible to create your custom wool rugs according to your wishes and benefit from our expertise in the creation and technical realization. The choice of colors is practically infinite we have more than 1,400 color references.

To access our complete collections please contact us.


Didier Marien has decided to launch wool rugs collections from contemporary drawings made ​​by himself, or designed by renowned artists.

The wool rugs collection is inspired by a fruitful confrontation between modernity and contemporary influences.

Regarding the style and spirit of your future rug you can either choose a design in our collection or we can create your own project.

You can choose different finishes. This will give a unique and exclusive character to your silk rug.

Using traditional techniques of hand weaving , we offer an important quality and a unique aesthetic.