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Lucotte’s Sculptures Exhibition – Boccara Gallery Paris – November 26 – December 23

From November 26 to December 23 2015, Boccara Gallery Paris presents Michel Lucotte’s sculptures.

The opening will take place on November 26 from 6h30 pm.



« My ambition is to exist in all periods, to reach an area where works of art would concern everybody and would be timeless. »

This is the artistical and esthetical motto of Michel Lucotte, who was born in 1931, and whose sculptures are presented in our exhibition. Taking on an original path, he studied in the National Beaux Arts School of Dijon, before being a professor there. Multidisciplinary, he handles sculpture as well as painting and writing. The encounter with each form of art and the power that it may give him, enable his creativity to be expanded to other fields of possibilities and to aspire to new styles.

Being a man of action, of mouvement, as he describes himself, he tries to reach this specific universality that he desires.

Understanding his work by it’s touch is a quality that has a great importance and that we can feel, as he approaches the truth, extracting it, inscribing it in an universal language. His scupltures are made of circular shapes that are deploying in the meticulous work of polishing. Clean, simple and bright, by the high-quality of marble and the elaborate onyx, many of his sculptures represent women bodies. They have slender outlines, worthy of Venuses and Madonnas. By it’s contained sensuality, the accuracy, the precision of the contours, a specific strenght of the material appears. His work makes the stone leads to it’s destiny, it’s purpose.

We might think, and rightfully so, comparing his work to a gesture, to a movement embodied by the stone.

Lucotte’s works of art leave us the aftertaste of a sweet daydream, and we are immersed in a mear religious devotion. And that is what allows us to reach this desire of universality.

Michel Lucotte was professor at the national Beaux-Arts school of Dijon from 1958 to 1961 like as well as the council Beaux-Arts school of Beaune from 1951 to 1991. Then, he was member of the European company of the culture in Venice, in Italy. From 1951 to 2005, several exhibitions are devoted to him, such as for example with the Gallery May in Paris in 1951, Cannes in 1955, the museum of the fine arts of Neuchâtel in Switzerland during the year 1966 and more recently in hospital G.F Leclerc of Dijon in 2005. Several of his works find place in public collections (European center sciences and taste of Dijon, Museum of Fine Arts of Dijon and Grenoble).

Moreover, he published from 1990 to 1998 several works like Trees and seasons (1990) and the intaglio of Alexandrine (1993) which obtained the Burgundy price in 1994.