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Medegma Dandaron’s Exhibition – Boccara Gallery Paris – October 18 – November 1

The Boccara gallery presents for the first time an artist living in Siberia, Medegma Dandaron.

It was during a trip near the lake Baikal when Didier Marien discovered the work of this artist and decided to present her works in Europe.

It has developed an original concept that combines the tapestry and painting.

You will discover nine of her works exclusive at 18 to November 1.

An opening cocktail will take place at October 18 at 18.30 in the gallery.

Hope you will enjoy this original approach.


Medegma Dandaron – Yin-Yang

Spirit of Siberia

Medegma Dandaron was born in 1958 in the heart of Siberia near the lake Baikal, in the distant ancient Buryat village, lost in the taiga and steppe. Her family lived in the yurt. It was a tradition in the village. Sheep wool was used to make clothes and tapestries to protect from the cold and create a setting in the traditional spirit. These techniques were transmitted by women in the family. The artist started her youth working with the tapestry.

She spent her childhood near one of the most famous temple in Siberia, Datsan. She was influenced by the Buddhist culture, rich in colours and ornamentation, which influenced her artistic career.

Her father had a great influence, who was the reincarnation of a Tibetan monk born in Siberia. She inherited her father’s artistic talents. He was also a painter. Later, she also became engaged in Buddhist philosophy. Her work is performed on an original carrier, the tapestry. The final aspect of the work is a symbiosis between painting and tapestry. The artist uses bright colours intense as Buddhist symbols.

According to the artist, each piece reminds the process of reincarnation. Each new piece is a new stage of life.

Medegma Dandaron is a recognized and renowned artist in Siberia. She created a new school of Buryat and Mongolian art, blending the old ethnic and traditional techniques, modern painting techniques and expressive and fascinating colours of the Buddhist culture of the north.


2011 – Gallery Golden Horde, Ulan-Ude city, Siberia, Russia

2012 – Museum of History of Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Ude city, Siberia, Russia

2014 – Gallery Dais, Irkutsk city, Siberia, Russia

2015 – Gallery Selenge, Moscow city, Russia


Medegma Dandaron – Purifying Fire



Medegma Dandaron – Tree of Life