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Pollès Exhibition – Boccara Gallery – February 20 – March 20 2015


From  February 20th to March 20th 2015, Boccara Gallery Paris presents Pollès’ sculptures.

Dominique Pollès, called Pollès, is a French sculptor born in Paris in 1945. He is considered as the inventor of the “Organic Cubism”.

“Pollès’s power of giving life to the bronze by infusing it with a carnal quality enables him to combine the breath of sensuality with the glowing work of the metal-smith. In my mind this moulder of metal has taken his place among the illustrious initiates, a curious man, who handles the immensely heavy bronze with the elegant ease of one plucking down a feather from the swan’ s breast, shaping, sculpting and burnishing it into a blend of substances and fantasies.”

Maurice RHEIMS of the Académie Française



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