Classic Rugs

This rug collection is inspired by the history of the rug. It was reinterpreted by Didier Marien with a decidedly modernist and European approach. These rugs are made exclusively in our factory using the finest materials such as silk and hand spun wool. Old techniques are used, an important operation is that of finishing by traditional methods. Thanks to these techniques we give a soul to these rugs.

We can make very large dimensions up to 100m².

We issue a certificate of authenticity with each piece.

This collection is a reference on the market today.

French Rugs

This collection of French rugs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries  was formed over time by Didier Marien, it reflects a world and lifestyle, all the pieces are in perfect condition and come from private collections.

Modern Rugs

This collection of wool rugs is the fruit of a timeless know how. Created with major names in the world of arts and design, it is a beautiful as well as modern and original offer.

The collection of modern rugs was designed by Didier Marien. This collection is designed for the sake of elegance and quality. It is made for an informed clientele who are passionnate about carpet and wants to create a certain harmony in their interior.

This collection is woven in our workshops, we use ancient techniques, the same as the artistic rugs.

We can make special sizes; from our database design we can change the colors, sizes and composition in order to achieve the most harmonious creation for your interior.

It may be noticed that we have always a large stock of rugs which belong to this collection.

We offer an exceptional 10 year guarantee on all our rugs.

This collection also represents a new solution and vision for interior design projects.