Ordering custom design

Boccara Design offers its services to customize rugs.

We built a studio where we can make all your projects and we are able to present these works in your interior thanks to synthetic images.

Thus it is possible to create your rug according to your wishes and benefit from our expertise concerning the techniques realisation. It is possible to select materials (silk, wool or plant), the choice of colors is almost infinite we have more than 1,400 colors references.

With regard to the style and spirit of your future rug you can either choose a design in our collections or be inspired by it to create your own project.

It is possible to choose a finish, various patinas are available. Therefore, this rug will be a unique piece, made exclusively for you.

Using traditional weaving techniques in hand, we offer you the highest quality and a unique aesthetic.

We offer a 10 year warranty on the carpet. We will give you a certificate of authenticity with each piece.


Didier Marien, antique dealer since 1987 and an expert member of the European Chamber of Expert-Conseil in Works of Art (CECOA) offers to appraise your tapestries, rugs and sculptures.

Cleaning and Restoration

Boccara is dedicated to the upkeep of rug and tapestries heritage. Our knowledge and experience in the realms of cleaning, conservation and restoration of tapestries and rugs,are acknowledged by numerous worldwide experts. Boccara offers the possibility to clean and restore your rugs and tapestries in accordance with the proper technics.

Advice and fitting

We can create personal advices in order to achieve an harmonious interior design.

Concerning the rugs we can make special sizes; from our database design we can change the colors, sizes and composition in order to achieve the most harmonious creation for your interior.