Pékin Fine Arts Steps at #24 Caine Road Hong Kong

Pékin Fine Arts includes this photograph of Hong Kong by Robin Moyer among its offerings at Fine Art Asia 2018.

Susan Ollemans

Susan Ollemans Jewelled Bazu band

This jewelled Bazu band was made in north-eastern India during the 19th century. The rectangular section is set with 30 flat diamonds which fill the spaces between the nine auspicious gems known as the Navaratna. Each of these are at set on one of the cardinal points and at the centre. The back is finely enamelled with flowers and petals in red and blue against a white ground. Susan Ollemans, a London specialist in Mughal and antique gold Indian jewellery, includes it among her offerings.

Boccara Gallery

Boccara Gallery Le repas de Psyché dans le palais de l'Amour

This tapestry was made in the Ateliers du Faubourg Sain Germain in Paris, c.1660, and in 1667 became part of the collection of King Louis XIV. In the 18th century it was displayed at the Palaces of Versailles and Fontainbleau and is now on offer from Boccara Gallery of Paris and Brussels.

It shows Psyche’s Dinner in the Palace of Cupid, a tale first recorded in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses during the 2nd century. The mythological tale is a love story between the god of love and desire, Cupid, and a mortal beauty, Psyche. In this scene, she has entered a palace and is entertained with a feast that apparently serves itself and music played on an invisible lyre.