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Artistic rugs by Benjamin Ewing


Boccara Gallery started an exclusive collaboration with a group of selected artists : Anna Mac, Ellen Richman, François Bonnel, Benjamin Ewing, David Stein and Didier Marien.

This project started a year ago and we are happy to finally launch the collection of artistic rugs at the Palm Beach Show in February 2020.

All the rugs are handmade in our workshop with high definition and attention to detail.



Contemporary and talented artist Benjamin Ewing collaborated with Boccara Gallery in order to realize two original designs in black and white.

Benjamin Ewing is a multidisciplinary artist located in Portland, Oregon. With a background in editorial photography & print design, he aims to combine visual principles within the context of contemporary art.

Artist Statement:
My work is an exploration of emotions and how they directly relate to visual compositions. My background in editorial photography & print design gave me the language I needed to navigate these new methods & ideas. I am obsessive over the value of light and its role in our lives. My palettes are rooted in post- production color theory, with a strong focus on light & shadow. I sought freedom in exploring new mediums and I hope to challenge new perspectives. I intend on broadening my scope of disciplines by designing objects, spaces & structures.