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Artistic rugs by François Bonnel


Boccara Gallery started an exclusive collaboration with a group of selected artists : Anna Mac, Ellen Richman, François Bonnel, Benjamin Ewing, David Stein and Didier Marien.

This project started a year ago and we are happy to finally launch the collection of artistic rugs at the Palm Beach Show in February 2020.

All the rugs are handmade in our workshop with high definition and attention to detail.



François Bonnel is a French artist born in 1968.

In 2018, the artist decided to devote himself full time to his passion for painting and photography and to develop the exploratory work he had begun twenty-five years earlier, in parallel with his career as a painter. commercial setting in Advertising.

François Bonnel approaches his art spontaneously and explores various fields and techniques of creation. He exploits the digital media, the techniques of photography and collage by freeing himself from known references to give free rein to his creation.

Alone in front of the canvas, the artist defines the limits and the message to convey. His flat areas of white acrylic paint are confronted with others bright colors leaving imagine the elements represented and their share of shadow.

They slice with pastel (dry or greasy) and with bold chalk lines that poke a path are often inspired by the music he listens to while working.