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Boccara artistic rug – Auguste Herbin – Design N.65

Boccara artistic rug – Auguste Herbin – Design N.65

Auguste Herbin (1882 – 1960), a Braque and Picasso’s workshop neighbor, studied Cubism whose influence prompted him to create his first Cubist paintings in 1913. The artist conceived in 1946 “plastic alphabet” a system of composition based on the structure of letters and forms the basis for the organization of his canvases. Rug No. 65 from Boccara collection shows his taste for composition and colors.

Title: Auguste Herbin Design N.65
Materials: wool & natural silk
Limited editions of 8 in total
Manufactured by Boccara
Signed and numbered

Customers who would like to customise this rug can choose from the following options:
– Materials: wool or silk; wool and silk
– Dimensions
– Colours

Available sizes