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Diana and Endymion, Brussels XVIII

Diana and Endymion, Brussels XVIII

Diana and Endymion


XVIIIth century

Dimensions: 300 x 200 cm

Material: Wool & silk-

Condition: Excellent condition

Brussels tapestry of the end of seventeenth century.

It represents the goddess Diana recognizable to his bow and crown adorned with a moon.

Huntress finds her lover Endymion.

They are both represented on « verdure » background.

About the subject

Diana / Selene is the personification of the moon; She is represented as a young and beautiful woman who travels the sky in a chariot drawn by two horses. She is famous for her love affairs, especially with the handsome shepherd Endymion who gave her fifty daughters… Diana and Selene are the same goddess, one in daytime version and another night version. We can add that Diane is the chaste version Selene sensual version of the goddess.