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“History of Neptune”

“History of Neptune”

History of Neptune

Brussels, Atelier d’Albert Auwercx

XVIIIth century

Dimensions: 390 x 210 cm 

Material: Wool & silk 

Woven: 6 chains/cm

Provenance: French Aristocratic Family

Condition: Exceptional quality


This beautiful tapestry is related to the Mythological story of Neptune. It was woven in the Mid XVIIIth Century using the highest quality wool and silk. The overall effect of the Brussel’s technique is a smooth surface and an incredibly high precision in the drawings.

It has the original border which is also quite rare for a piece this size. The colors have a golden glow, which give it a soft appearance. This exceptional Brussels Tapestries depict Neptune the Roman god of freshwater and the sea, surrounded by a large group of figures arranged in under an architectural construction.

Tapestry is one of those Flemish traditions which, through last five centuries, has made a rich contribution to the beauty of our heritage.

For more than three centuries the Brussels tapestry weavers had produced work of high quality and had played a leading role in other European countries. Some well-known tapestries produced in this period have been lost over the course of the years. This exceptional tapestry are in excellent condition and their subject is extremely rare.

This tapestry is part of a series of mythological divinities representing also Diana, Flore and Apollo.

Albert Auwercx was directing an important workshop between 1657 and 1717, he worked among others with Willem van Leefdael and Erasmus de Pannemaker.