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Sonia Delaunay “Nocturne Matinale”

Sonia Delaunay “Nocturne Matinale”

Sonia Delaunay (1885 – 1979)
Signed “Sonia Delaunay”and numbered “1/6”
Wool tapestry handwoven by Atelier Pinton, Aubusson
175 x 183 cm
Edition: 1/6
Manufactured in circa 1970

Boccara has one of the largest and rarest collections of Sonia Delaunay’s modern tapestries.

Sonia Delaunay is widely recognized as one of the greatest translators of a modernist consideration of colours and forms to the material and texture of tapestry. Her language of animated, curving compositions of pure color does not pass through Cubism, as most of her contemporaries did, but rather dashes directly toward complete abstraction. Reflecting her stature in the world of art Mid-Century, Sonia Delaunay was the first living female artist to have a retrospective exhibition of her work at the Louvre in 1964.

“Nocturne Matinale” represents the elegant simplicity of colours and forms created by Sonia Delaunay. As Sonia said: “If there are geometric forms, it is because these simple and manageable elements have appeared suitable for the distribution of colors whose relations constitute the real object of our search, but these geometric forms do not characterize our art. The distribution of colors can be effected as well with complex forms, such as flowers, etc. only the handling of these would be a little more delicate.” (Sonia Delaunay, speaking at the Sorbonne, 1927.)