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Tapestry by Claude Dodane “Allegory of Time”

Claude Dodane (France, 1954 – 1985)

The Boccara gallery boasts a unique tapestry realized by Claude Dodane “Allegorie du Temps” [Allegory of Time]. This monumental tapestry has aroused the interest of many international experts. The tapestry “Allegorie du temps” was hanged at the staircase of the Dodane watch factory built by Auguste Perret between 1938 and 1943 in Besançon. This Claude Dodane’s tapestry therefore has an important historical value and it is currently preserved in perfect condition in the Boccara collection.

Claude Dodane was an important artist and Director of School of Fine Art in Besançon. He was a family member of the Dodane family, a famous watchmaking family.