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Masterpiece 2018 London | STAND B36 | 28 Juin- 4 Juillet

Masterpiece 2018 London | STAND B36 | 28 Juin- 4 Juillet

Vassily Kandinsky (Russia, 1866 – 1944), Sur Fond Noir, Wool tapestry by Atelier Tabard Frères & Sœurs,
Aubusson, unique piece, 252 x 146 cm, 1950

Boccara Gallery is proud to announce our first participation to Masterpiece Fair 2018!

Our exhibition concept “Textile Art – Weaving the Past into Future” will showcase the development of textile art in Europe, especially France,  which is divided into 3 main parts:

Part I: The Golden Age – Prestigious Royal tapestry collection
Part II: The Revival – The greatest artists of our time
Part III: The Future – Textile sculptures 

It is ensured that the juxtaposition of prestigious antique tapestries and the rare modern tapestries of the greatest artists, alongside with the textile sculptures by Simone Pheulpin, will offer an exceptional experience to you!

For more information about the fair, please click here.