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LA Art Show | 23-27 janvier, 2019 | Stand 63 / 112

LA Art Show | 23-27 janvier, 2019 | Stand 63 / 112

For participating at LA Art Show for the first time, Boccara is delighted to present the monumental stunning artworks by Simone Pheulpin and Benjamin Shine.

Simone Pheulpin, a fundamentally atypical textile sculptor, folding is her language. Her strips of raw cotton, tirelessly stacked, twisted and connected, produce organic sculptures that reflect Simone Pheulpin’s intense, deep, astonished perspective on nature and convey her view of the world with infinite poetry.

Benjamin Shine, an award-winning artist and designer, Benjamin Shine has established a multi-disciplined creative approach dedicated to challenging perceptions through original constructional ideas and craftsmanship. Following his studies in fashion design at Central St Martins in London, Benjamin has spent over a decade exploring the potential of materials to express ideas through his artworks, public sculptures, fashion, furniture, and product designs. Benjamin is most known for his tulle works, which centre on ideas of impermanence, energy and the fleeting moment – each made by pleating and manipulating the delicate material into form with an iron and often generated from a single uncut length of tulle.


We are also showing the artworks from Sonia Delaunay, Wang Keping, Jim Dine, Jules Olitski, François.Calvat, Hyun Ae Kang, Fu Wenjun, Monique Rozanès, Gianfranco Meggiato and more…