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Boccara Design Collection

Boccara Artistic Rug Collection

With the gift of foresight, Didier Marien noticed collectors’ enthusiasm for rugs designed by artists, and Boccara has been collaborating with different famous artists or their art foundations for decades, such as  Albert Gleizes, Auguste Herbin,Serge Poliakoff, Antonio Seguí, etc.

Didier Marien, as a designer himself, he creates unusual models for Boccara Artistic Rug Collection. In addition to these models, he offers a collection in the finest French tradition, including silk rugs, rare and limited editions: “We have mastered the technique to perfection and benefit from ancestral expertise”. Which allows Boccara Design to offer discerning customers very large rug or to make customized models in a very short lead time.

Artistic Rug Collection