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Claude Dodane “Allegory du Temps”

Claude Dodane “Allegory du Temps”

Handwoven tapestry made in Aubusson
350 x 270 cm
Unique pièce
c. 1930

This Art Deco style modern tapestry was designed by Claude Dodane, the director of Dodane watch factory and the former Director of l’École des Beaux-arts in Besançon.

“Allegorie du Temps” is composed of geometrical elements with pastel complementary colours. The theme “time” is re-occurring in different motifs – the planets are orbiting around a female figure with a quarter moon on the chest, while the Earth is independent from the others, which is located on the bottom middle. A global apparatus with measurement can found near to the figure on the bottom left. It was hanging at the staircase of Dodane’s factory designed by Auguste Perret between 1938 to 1943 in Besançon. The Dodane watch factory in Besançon built by August Perret has been classified as a national heritage in France. The building is representing the beauty of golden ratio, use of concrete, classicism of French garden and the functionality of the building (industrial and administrative).