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“Garden Games”

“Garden Games”

‘’Garden Games”

18th century, Beauvais Royal Manufacture

Cartoonist: François Boucher

Dimensions: H230 X W228 cm

In this tapestry, a group of young nobles (recognised from their customs) and their servants are playing in the garden. In the background, we can see the fountain and the massive building. The flower basket and the umbrella  at the foreground might suggest the young girl was picking the wild flowers in the garden while interrupted by the other noble boys. The whole scenery was depicted in a romantic Rococo style.

This tapestry is designed by François Boucher, was perhaps the most celebrated painter and decorative artist of the 18th century, and it was weaved at the Beauvais Royal Manufacture. 95% of the tapestry is weaved in natural silk while the condition of the tapestry is perfect that it has never been amended (such as the frame) before.