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Wassily Kandinsky – “Sur Fond Noir”

Wassily Kandinsky – “Sur Fond Noir”

Wassily Kandinsky (Russia, 1866 – 1944)

Sur Fond Noir

Signed “K” and dated“40”

Commissioned by Galerie Réne Denise

Wool tapestry handwoven by Atelier Tabard, Aubusson

H260 x W190 cm; H102.4 x W74.8 in ; H8.5 x W6.2 ft

Circa 1940

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

Kandinsky was a painter and theoretician of Russian art. He is considered as the author of the first non-figurative work of the History of Art in 1910. The artist begins his career at age 30, moved to Germany and evolves as a teacher at Bauhaus.In contrast to traditional tapestry, leaders such as Léger and Le Corbusier advocated the absence of gradients but sharp edges, pure tones on abstract, geometric or imaginary shapes. It is in this context that was created Kandinsky’s gouaches enlarged and then woven.

Atelier Tabard has been renewing the production methods to facilitate Aubusson’s production into the new commercial environment,  essentially based on the artist and the gallery. The gallery was either a mere sales intermediary, like the Denise Majorel Demeure, or publisher of the tapestry such as Galerie Denise René. This latter one, worked exclusively with the Atelier Tabard for more than 20 years, with the designs from prestigious contemporary artists like Victor Vasarely, Jean Arp or Sonia Delaunay. With Victor Vasarely, the Atelier Tabard develops the concept of the photographic carton, which was a revolution in the working methods of Aubusson. These developments profoundly alter the relationship between the artist and the manufacturer.