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Mathieu Matégot “Le Sommet”

Mathieu Matégot “Le Sommet”

Le Sommet

Aubusson tapestry wool, hand woven
Signed lower center by artist
Dimensions: 305 x 250 cm
Number 1 on 6 copies
Workshop Pinton, Aubusson

Mathieu Mategot (1910 – 2001)
Mathieu Mategot is a designer and artist of Hungarian origin. After the School of Fine Arts in Budapest, in 1933, he created furniture. Passionate about painting since his early youth, he turned in the late 30s, to the tapestry. He ends his career as a designer in the early 60s and devoted himself to tapestry once and for all.
It is this mode of expression that fully satisfies the creative imagination of the designer. He accepts the principles formulated by Lurgat who was his master, and takes a very different path. His tapestries obviously belong to abstract art but have nothing dry or intellectual. The lines, daring balances, unexpected color, a whole set of lights and shadows give to the tapestries dramatic intensity, and to mirages, the consistency of wool.