Silk Rugs

For years Didier Marien, an expert in rugs and tapestries faces the delicate art of silk rugs to extract a sap from the artistic encounter of natural silk material and the rugs weaving.

The Boccara gallery has a double experience both in the creation and implementation of modern and classic rugs and has a contemporary art department for many years.

The Boccara Gallery features a wide selection of silk rugs designs in a variety of colors.

Boccara Design offers services to make your custom silk rug .

Regarding the style and spirit of your future rug you can either choose a design in our collection or we can create your own project.

Wool Rugs

After years of experience in the art market, while following his tastes, Didier Marien created a collection of high quality rugs, handmade using natural materials such as silk (almost never used today). This collection “Boccara Design” presents a wide range of designs and can be adjusted according to individual needs. It has modern part and another classic. All this in the highest requirement concerning the quality.

The collection “Boccara Design” is innovative and appreciated by designers, collectors and beautiful rugs lovers.

Artistic Rugs

Didier Marien, an art lover, managed to create a set of high-end rugs, hand-made, in association with artists. This collection brings another vision on the work of artists, the collection extends to the contemporary field especially in the movement of street art where an artist as JonOne considered as a pioneer, giving a vanguard aspect to the collection.

Each creation is unique, a work on its own right, in the continuity of the work of the artist.

Artists are selected by Didier Marien according to its tastes, affinities but also depending to the art of rugs criteria.

The “artistic rugs” collection is a great success and popular among collectors and some foundations.

French Rugs

This collection of French rugs from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries  was formed over time by Didier Marien, it reflects a world and lifestyle, all the pieces are in perfect condition and come from private collections.


Tapestries and hangings were since the first time, regarded as true works of art, which allowed their owners to show their wealth to their guests as well as to their rivals. In some cases,  tapestries were valuable diplomatic gifts.

Today, tapestries adorn not only the classic but also modern interiors, agreeing perfectly with the furniture.

Didier Marien collector and expert has created over time a collection of unique pieces from the sixteenth century to modern tapestries of the twentieth century by the most famous manufactures of France.


This collection provides a range of twentieth-century sculpture and contemporary, with a animals department represented by two artists: Jean-François Gambino and Bernard Arnaud and Bessoud, exclusively with the gallery.

Another important artist for the gallery is the sculptor Pollès who creates a vision of beings moving abtract, and sensual, with an unusual patina.

These bronze works selected by Didier Marien are on permanent display in the galleries.