Femme Dans Une Tapisserie

Modern Tapestry

Boccara Collection

Boccara Gallery has one of the most prestigious collections of modern tapestry worldwide, which completes the collection of antique tapestry and is tantamount in its quality and in the rarity of the pieces. Boccara presents a selection of the most beautiful tapestries of the most important artists of the 20th century: Alexander Calder, Fernand Léger, Vassily Kandinsky, Sonia Delaunay, Victor Vasarely, Le Corbusier, Mathieu Matégot, Jean Lurçat, Emile Gilioli, Vincent Guignebert etc.

Boccara Design Collection

From Didier Marien

Boccara has its own workshop with more than 300 professional weavers. All raw materials used have the finest quality such as the “soft gold” natural silk and velvety wool from New Zealand, the yarns are available in more than 800 colours from ecologically natural dyes.

French Rug

Outstanding Collection

Boccara Galerie has an important collection of antique French rugs from the 18th to the 20th century. This prestigious collection has been created over the years by Didier Marien. It reflects a history and a lifestyle where refinement is combined with an incredible attention to detail.
Contemporary tapestry

Contemporary Tapestry

A living and creative art

Contemporary tapestries are at the same time between the image and the sculptural, between the scopic impulse and the tactile pleasure, but also between the ancient and the contemporary. Long confined to the domestic sphere, tapestry is breaking down prejudices thanks to contemporary artists like the original Anna de Blander.

Tapestry Antique

An exceptional atmosphere

The Boccara Gallery is among the oldest in this field and has always been daring in building up its collections.

Artistic Rug Collection

Unique creations

Didier Marien, an art lover and expert, has succeeded in creating a set of high quality, hand-woven carpets in association with artists.

Boccara Edition

Original creations

Didier Marien, who has been working for years with famous American and French artists, is pleased to present the Boccara collection of artistic rugs. In 2019, the Boccara Gallery started a collaboration with a selected group of artists representing this movement. The inspiration for this collection is abstract art. To explain this project, Didier Marien said: "The artist does not only create the design, but at every stage of the creation, he keeps control of the project".


Paintings Collection

The Boccara Gallery's Paintings collection presents a variety of works ranging from contemporary art, such as the paintings of Tom Wesselmann, to European masterpieces such as the series of abstract paintings by Clément Rosenthal; the creations of the young French artist Flore Sigrist, and the paintings of the artist Léon Zack.
Sculpture Collection


Sculptures Collection

Sculpture is a medium that brings artist inspiration to life in three dimensional form. Boccara Gallary is proud to feature internationally renowned sculpture art from artists such as Pollès, Amedeo Modigliani, Monique Rozanès, René Coutelle, Jean Ipousteguy, Anton Smit, Wang Keping