Fine Art

Didier Marien inaugurated the BOCCARA FINE ART department in the 2000s. Didier Marien has worked closely with his roster of artists, some for more than twenty years.

Boccara deals in sculpture and contemporary painting by internationally acclaimed artists, among them Clément Rosenthal, Monique Rozanès, Pollès, Léon Zack, Wang Keping.

Moreover, the gallery has been continuously discovering and giving way to new talents, such as Flore Sigrist and Antoine Leclercq. Boccara Fine Art department occupies a prominent role in the gallery and is committed to highlight the very best in the international art market. The selection of artworks made by Didier Marien is a dynamic combination of materials,methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition.

Tableau Rouge


Le vernissage chez Alsapan

Sculpture Collection


Sculpture Collection