Monique Rozanès


Monique Rozanès is a visual artist: sculptor, painter and designer. Born in Bordeaux in 1936, she studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Rozanes is an artist with a long and fruitful trajectory. She spent many years in Argentina, after she fell in love with an artist, Leopoldo Torres Agüero, with whom she shared many years of her life, returning to France later on.

Monique Rozanès is the only sculptor of the XXth century focusing on plastic material, or synthetic resin. After superimposing layer upon layer through a special fusion method, she then applies a polishing procedure that contributes a crystalline finish, thus creating an explosion of colors that none of the traditional materials would allow her to achieve. Through this technique of mixing, sizing, juxtaposing shapes and colors, opaque and transparency, smooth and rough, emptiness and fullness, shadow and light, she provokes all the strength and aesthetics of this astonishing material.

Pre- Columbian America, its myths, its culture and its art – these are a few of the motives that have inspired her creativity, as evidenced in her Doors series, as well as her Sun Pyramid, both of which pay tribute to the famous the Tiahuanaco culture. Her sensibility also allows her to address themes from nature, imaginary portraits, geometries and multiple evocations.

Since 1956 she has presented numerous solo shows in the following museums: Chartres (France), la Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland), Saint-Léger (Soissons-France), La Rioja (Argentina); also in galleries such as P. Fachetti (Paris and Zurich), Art Shop (Bále – Switzerland), Rubbers, Praxis, Van Eyck and Kramer (Bs. As.), Arlette Gimaray (Paris), Sluis (Holland). Lelia Mordoch (Paris), Altera Gallery (Pinamar, Argentina). She was awarded the Grand Prize for Sculpture at the Alexandria International Biennial and the First Prize at the National Salon (Argentina).

Monique Rozanés, Sun Pyramid 2005
Monique Rozanés - Sun Pyramid
13 x 22 in.
Methacrylate methyle
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