Boccara Artistic Rug – Desert

Boccara Rug by Didier Marien– Desert

Rug, 370 x 370 in.

Boccara Design
Detailed information

Boccara rug after Didier Marien “Desert”

Made by the Boccara workshop

Customers who wish to customize this rug can choose from the following options:

– Dimensions
– Color

– Wool or silk



Material: New Zealand wool or silk
Type: Rug

About the Boccara workshop

Boccara has its own workshop with more than 300
professional weavers. All raw materials used have the
finest quality such as the “soft gold” natural silk and
velvety wool from New Zealand, the yarns are available
in more than 800 colors from ecologically natural dyes.
With the best traditional techniques of the experienced
weavers and woven with the finest materials, every
single rug of Boccara is the crystal of centuries-old
craftsmanship and modern art.
All the exclusive artistic designs from Boccara series
can be customized individually in terms of sizes,
shape, and materials – natural silk and New Zealand
wool. The rugs are hand-knotted by the professional
weavers with respect to the centuries-old traditional
techniqueswith special finishing.