Jacques Bescond

Jacques LE BESCOND (born in CAEN in 1945) was young when he started to sculpture. He was particularly fond of wood. His encounter with a craftsman was instrumental in his career as it led him to attend l’Ecole Boulle where he developed his drawing and modeling skills. His work is rapidly recognized and his creativity expands. His initial interest focuses on medieval sculptures, then on restoring churches, castles, garnishing furniture, building polychromes totems, sculpturing ship bows. In addition, he collaborates with many architects and decorators. It is with similar passion that he starts working with marble and then bronze carving enabling him to preserve the intensity and harmony of his first works en direct zise sculpture. Impressed with the marble works of Mytoraï and great fan of Zadkine, Moore, Lynn Chadwick and Chillida, he ventures enthusiastically into different technics and refuses to confine himself within one art expression. While his themes of inspirations change, his work is always driven by a constant research of elegance and serenity. Jacques LE BESCOND has become a recognized artist producing works with sleek style. Although a contemporary artist, LE BESCOND’s work is based on the tradition of classical master pieces. His monumental face profiles make one think about Greek antiquities as well as the mighty heads of Easter Island. Amongst his inspiration themes, two are prevalent: the couple and the other is a tribute to the imagination of men through sculpted books. He sees this imagination creative or contemplative has a source of equilibrium and happiness of men.

Jacques Bescond- Sculpture
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