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About us

BOCCARA GALLERY is a leading international gallery specialised in prestigious ancient and modern tapestries and artistic rugs.

BOCCARA FINE ART is the gallery department entirely dedicated to contemporary art. It presents paintings, sculptures and renowned contemporary creations. Boccara Fine Art is committed to highlight the very best in the international art market.

The owner, Didier Marien, is a recognized expert and collector in the world of textiles, he is a member of the Chambre Européenne des Experts-Conseil en Oeuvres d’Art (CECOA) and the Confederation Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d’Art (CINOA) and the Association of Art & Antiques Dealers (LAPADA).

In 1994, Didier Marien bought Boccara gallery and developed it in various directions, mainly by constituting a collection of modern tapestries of the greatest artists of the twentieth century (Sonia Delaunay, Alexander Calder, Fernand Leger, Mathieu Matégot, Jean Lurçat, Wassily Kandinsky, René Perrot and Victor Vasarely, etc).

Today, the Boccara Gallery has one of the most important and prestigious collections of modern tapestries, most of them woven in Aubusson. This collection is the result of work over a long period with particular rigor in the choice of art pieces. All of these have been carefully selected by Didier Marien, an expert in modern tapestries. The Boccara Gallery has one of the most important collections of Jean Lurçat.

Antique tapestries still occupy a prominent place but the gallery focuses solely on the tapestries with historical and cultural importance.

In 2000, Didier Marien created Boccara Design and developed a collection of artistic rugs, made with the strictest respect to weaving traditions.

He is also developing a new concept of high-end silk rugs made in the Boccara workshops, restoring modernism in the choice of colours and designs, while maintaining the “know-how” of hand weaving.

In 2008, Didier Marien opened a new department : Boccara Fine Art.

Boccara Fine Art has the aim of giving space to contemporary artists from around the globe.

Boccara Fine Art includes not only paintings but also and particularly sculptures, which are one of the greatest passions of the gallery owner.

Following one of the guidelines developed by Didier Marien, not only worldwide famous artists such as Wang Keping, André Lanskoy, Léon Zack, Dominique Pollès, Serge Charchoune, JonOne, but also emerging artists are represented by the gallery.

The selection of artworks made by Didier Marien are a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition. The Boccara Fine Art department is becoming increasingly important and it now occupies a prominent role in the gallery.

Boccara Gallery opens different spaces in major capitals such as New York, Moscow, London and Brussels.

Another department establish naturally to complete the previous collections, and show the latest creations is the contemporary textile sculptures (Simone Pheulpin) or tapestries (Chan Yun Sook).

The gallery regularly participates in the largest international exhibitions such as Masterpiece London, LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair, PAD Paris and Fine Art Asia, etc.) Find out in the “news section” what’s next.



In collaboration with Anna Mac, Ellen Richman, François Bonnel, Benjamin Ewing and David Stein 

Didier Marien, which has been working with famous American and French artists for years, is pleased to announce that a new collection of artistic rugs is finally ready.

The inspiration for this collection is abstract art. Last year, Boccara Gallery started a collaboration with a group of selected artists representing this movement: Anna Mac, Ellen Richman, François Bonnel, Benjamin Ewing and David Stein. 

To explain this project Didier Marien said, “the artist not only creates the design but at every step of the creation maintains the control over the project. The artistic rugs aren’t mere reproductions of an artist’s paintings but they are artistic pieces in their own right”.

This new limited-edition artistic rugs collection will be presented exclusively at the Palm Beach Show in February 2020.

All the artistic rugs are hand knotted and manufactured in the Boccara workshop to ensure the best quality and attention to detail.

With this new collection Boccara Gallery wants to match the particular practice of an artist with the complexities and subtleties of weaving and creates real works of art.


We are also happy to offer consultations on artwork purchases or decorating projects for your home.


You can see our collections in our Parisian showroom at 99 rue des Rosiers, 93400 Les Puces, Saint-Ouen.

You can also visit us in Moscow at Boccara Moscow Showroom in Chernomorsky Bulvar, house 17, building 1, floor 5, office 281. 117452, Moscow, Russia.

We are also opening a 7000 sq. ft showroom in New York, stay tuned!