Auguste Herbin

Auguste Herbin (Quiévy 1882 – Paris 1960). Settling in Paris in 1903, he came into contact with the Fauves, Picasso, and Braque. Initially influenced by Impressionism, he later delved into formal exploration towards geometric abstraction, following a brief Cubist experience. He studied the relationship between different colored forms and colored space. He was one of the founders of the association Abstraction-Création (1931). Interested in Goethe’s scientific writings, H. also theoretically elaborated on his research in the essay “L’art non figuratif non objectif” (1949), transcribing the laws of a new plastic grammar and articulating correspondences between colors, vowels, consonants, musical notes, etc., with great clarity.

Limited edition artist's rug by Auguste Herbin
x in.
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