Tapisserie Géométrie Abstraite de Émile Gilioli

Abstract Geometry

Tapestry, 48 x 77 in.

Émile Gilioli
Detailed information

Emile Gilioli Gilioli, born in 1911 in Paris and died in 1977 in Paris, is a French sculptor. It is one of the representatives of abstract sculpture. Extreme rigor, geometric simplification are recurrent in his work. Two characteristics are often used: the circle in balance and the broken line, which is found in this tapestry. We recognize the nature of the drawings he was doing before working the bronze, “the pure geometry of the volume ‘which characterizes the work of the sculptor.

Material: Hand woven wool
Artist: Émile Gilioli
Artist signature: Signed lower right by the artist
Serial: First 1of 6
Date: XX° century
Type: Tapestry