Tapestry from Paris “Rebecca présente à sa famille le serviteur d’Abraham” [“Rebecca introduces Abraham’s servant to her family”]

Tapestry, 100 x 147 in.

Detailed information

Rebecca presents Abraham’s servant to her family

Tapestry from Paris, Atelier de Raphaël de la Planche Mid-17th century

Part of a hanging from L’Histoire d’Abraham Model by Michel Corneille (1603-1664)

H. 2,55 x L. 3,75 m H. 8ft 4 x W. 12 ft 3

Iconography: Abraham’s servant, on his way to find a wife for Isaac, met Rebecca at the well. She gave him and his camels something to drink. He is seduced by Rebecca’s kindness, and gives her a ring and bracelets intended for Isaac’s future wife. He accompanies Rebecca to introduce him to her family, and she shows them the jewels. The tapestry’s beautiful composition, with its harmonious isocephaly (heads at the same level). Related tapestries: The History of Abraham hanging after Michel Corneille comprised six subjects (see Coquery, 2006, pp. 114-117). The same tapestry, but larger and with a border, is reproduced on p.115, and is in the Dortmund Museum. The Château de Châteaudun has tapestries of L’Histoire d’Abraham. Materials and Condition: Woven in wool and silk: wool warp, wool and silk weft. The tapestry retains beautiful colors – missing border, some color highlights. Provenance: – Private collection – Sale at Drouot 15.12.1977 Bibliographical references – Emmanuel Coquery, 2006, catalog of the Exhibition Michel Corneille, un peintre du roi au temps de Mazarin, April 8 – July 9, 2006, Musée des Beaux-Arts d’Orléans.

Material: wool
Date: 1603/1604
Type: Tapestry
Manufacture: Atelier de Raphaël de la Planche Milieu du XVIIe siècle
Provenance: FRANCE
Condition: perfect