Grande icone

Modern Tapestry by Sonia Delaunay -Grand Icon

Tapestry, 58 x 82 in.

Sonia Delaunay
Detailed information

Wool tapestry handwoven by Atelier Pinton, Aubusson

“La Grade Icone”, is a beautiful and iconic tapestry. Famously used as the composition design for the 1975 poster celebrating UNESCO’s World Women’s Year. The piece is an excellent example of Sonia Delaunay geometric artwork.

Sonia Delaunay’s abstract geometry is emblematic of her textile designs and fashion patterns, which typically use geometric shapes including circles, triangles, and rectangular blocks of color.

“Grande Icone” is an iconic tapestry by Sonia Delaunay, created in 1959. This fascinating artwork captures the essence of abstract art and expresses Delaunay’s unique artistic vision.

The tapestry “Grande Icone” stands out for its bold use of vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Circles, triangles, and rectangles intertwine to form a dynamic and balanced composition. The shades of red, blue, yellow, and green create a striking visual harmony, evoking a sense of movement and energy.

The tapestry “Grande Icone” reflects Delaunay’s distinctive visual language and her exploration of the relationship between color, form, and space. It represents an icon of 20th-century abstract art, where the artist expresses her worldview through abstract shapes and colors, liberated from the constraints of figurative representation.

Material: Handwoven wool tapestry
Artist: Sonia Delaunay
Artist signature: Signed “Sonia Delaunay”
Serial: 2/6
Date: Manufactured before 1970
Type: Tapestry
Portrait grande icone