Bernard Cathelin

Bernard Cathelin was born in Paris in 1919. He was very attached to his home country and specially his region, the Drôme.
Former student of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, he has always kept his own style and way of painting, mainly oils on canvas, using brushes or knives.
His palettes, extremely rich in color and material, have been influenced by the countries where he has stayed. First of all, the Drôme, his childhood land, but also Mexico, India and then, halfway through his life, Japan, a country that inspired the architecture of the artist’s works until his last creations.

Modern Tapestry "Rose of India and Zinnia in a Hungarian Vase on a Red Background"
110 x 70 in.
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Modern tapestry "Katsura -Black and green harmony"- by Bernard Cathelin
78 x 118 in.
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