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Modern Tapestry

sonia delaunay grande icone display

Boccara Modern Tapestry Collection

Boccara has one of the most privileged collections of modern tapestries as it has always been the pioneer of establishing and curating a comprehensive collection of the tapestries designed by the greatest artists of modern time.

Didier Marien, as one of the only few specialists of antique and modern tapestry with extraordinary taste and years of experience, he has established a unique collection of modern tapestries by collecting the rarest pieces from private collectors, which has become the most renowned collection of modern tapestries in the world.

The Aubusson tapestry manufacture was one among the others managed to compete with the Royal Tapestry Manufactory of the Gobelins. The manufacture is still running at the same location in Central France today, and it was listed as one of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritages in 2009.

As a consequence of historical events, its manufacture and production were plundered during the Revolution, the weaving workshops reopened several years later under the Napoleonic Empire but never able to restore its quality and production during its heyday.

Until the early twentieth century, the National School of Decorative Arts of Aubusson was founded under the leadership of Jean Lurçat by the French State in order to revive the tapestry industry in France. New diversity of tapestries were made from the works of the prominent artists and promising young artists at that time.

Today, tapestries of the twentieth century are highly desired by international collectors as they are the significant part of modern decor with important value in the history of art. The alluring paintings of Kandinsky, Sonia Delaunay, Alexandre Calder, Victor Vasarely, Mathieu Matégot, Émile Gilioli, etc. were transformed into tapestries in limited editions or unique pieces.

Boccara has been acquiring those charming collectibles for years and constantly enriching his collection with new acquisitions.